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The Psychologic Side of Music

psychology of music Not only can music make us experience certain emotions, but it can also have a major influence on many aspects of life. Mood, well-being and atmosphere can all be affected by different kinds of rhythm, and this often leads to people choosing the right music to suit different situations. Although we are often aware that fast music can make us run faster (many runners choose music with a rapid beat to help them maintain their pace) and slow, calm music can make us feel chilled out and relaxed which is why it is so often found in spas, the psychological side of music is often overlooked.

Yet the impact of music on our behaviour should not be ignored.

Music Types and Their Effects

Must which has been found to be highly arousing is unpredictable, loud and has a rapid tempo. Music which has been found to have a low arousal effect is predictable, slower and soft in volume. The more a piece of music can arouse an individual, the more pleasure they derive from it. The tempo of music has a vital part to play in listener behaviour. Music with a fast tempo is described as exhilarating, joyous and happy, while slower music makes listeners feel calm and relaxed. If you manipulate musical tempo, listeners perceive things more positively, move more rapidly and their performance when carrying out different tasks is enhanced.

The Upshot for Casino Owners

As music is capable of affecting behaviour and perceptions, inducing relaxation and modifying psychological arousal, we can't underestimate just how important rhythm and beat in a casino can be. In fact, marketers are now so acutely aware of the power of music to influence gamblers' behaviour that they have even advised makers of slot machines to include music and jingles in their gaming options.

Auditory effects are able to make slot machines aesthetically appealing, and this may lead to players choosing one machine over another. Music can also stimulate, maintain, facilitate and even exacerbate gambling behaviours. One reason for this is believed to be because the music played induces feelings of enjoyment, and this may entice players into gambling more. When the player wins, the winning music is memorable and distinctive, encouraging further plays. In brief, music can boost confidence, modulate relaxation and arousal and persuade players to disregard their previous losses in the pursuit of a win.

Low tempo music has been linked to an increased persistence in gamblers when it comes to the overall amount of bets which they placed. Meanwhile, high-tempo pieces intensify gambling behaviour, increasing reaction time for every bet placed. This means that more risks are taken by those who listen to high-tempo music.

What About Online Gambling?

Not every online casino will provide background music, and when background music is available, it isn't always on every game type and can often be switched off. This means that the player has the choice of whether or not they listen to the music and become influenced by it. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that music has the power to influence you, and so being aware of the effect that it has on your behaviour is pretty important. Although research is quite limited in the area of the psychological impact of music, the existing studies have proven that music can have a greater effect on our lives than we imagine.

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